2021年欧洲杯直播|中甲第7轮前瞻:C组榜首大战来袭 贵州迎生死之争


After the 6th round of the match, the 7th round of the Chinese Premier League will start soon. The highlight of this round is the match between the Meizhou Hakka in Group B and Guizhou Hengfeng. In the dead group, Guizhou wants to maintain the possibility of entering the super group. Nothing to lose. The super dark horse Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat lost to Beijing Renhe 2-3 in the last round, and the five-game winning streak ended. Can they continue their previous glory after losing? In addition, the top two Kunshan FC in Changzhou and the Jiangsu Derby of Nantong Zhiyun are also worthy of attention.


Competition time: October 3 at 16:00


Competition location: Dujiangyan Stadium


The unstoppable five-game winning streak of Chengdu Xingcheng Residents had their first defeat of the season in the last round, losing 2-3 to the Beijingers. Coincidentally, this score was exactly the same as their first round victory over their opponents. In the first 29 seconds of the game, Chengdu was led by the polo king Ma Xiaolei, but soon evened the score. Since then, Chengdu once again leads, and Beijing once again equalized until it overtakes. It can be said that the previous five-game winning streak allowed the well-prepared Xingcheng Habitat to play too smoothly. After the loss of this line of competition, the team also realized its own shortcomings, and their 15 points still ranked first in Group A. This round For the relatively weak North Sports University, they are expected to embark on the road to victory again.

成都兴城居民无可阻挡的五连胜,是上赛季他们本赛季的首次失利,输给北京人2-3。巧合的是,这个分数与他们在第一轮击败对手时的得分完全相同。在比赛的前29秒中,成都由马球王马晓磊(Ma Xiaolei)率领,但很快就将比分扳平。从那时起,成都再次领先,北京再次达到平衡,直到超越。可以说,以前的五连胜让准备好的星城人居中心打得太顺利了。在失去这条比赛线之后,车队也意识到了自己的缺点,他们的15分仍位居A组第一。这轮比赛对于相对较弱的北方体育大学来说,他们有望再次走上胜利之路。

For the North Sports University, the last round of 2-2 draw with Inner Mongolia Zhongyou, the Nigerian foreign aid Dominica, who returned to the team only last week, returned to the North Sports team for the first time in a year. He came off the bench in the 75th minute of this campaign, but after a header contention in the 81st minute, he broke his right knee and suffered another injury. Judging from the situation at the time, he would definitely miss the rest of the first period. This is also a huge blow to Su Maozhen. In the first round of the group, they lost 1 goal in the first round. This game will not be better.


Competition time: October 4th at 16:00


Competition venue: Longquan Stadium


In Group A, the newly promoted Suzhou Soochow won the first 5 rounds, 1 draw and 4 losses, and ranked bottom. The Jiangsu Derby played well in the last round and they won the powerful Taizhou Yuanda 2-1 and won the first victory of the season. The second half of the game Wu Simbayev scored a single goal and showed a good state, and Huang Chao will also lift the ban and come back, which is good news for the team. But even though they won their first victory and the lineup is relatively neat, the Beijingers and Soochow still have little chance of winning in the face of a strong rebound.


For Beijing, the last round of the match against Chengdu was the most exciting and fierce competition in the sixth round of the Chinese League. In a confrontation, they laughed 3-2 to the end and reported their revenge in the first round. The foreign aid Thiago is in excellent condition and once again scored twice and showed excellent condition. Since the top 2 teams in the last round of the rankings have lost, the three-pointers and the winners have also narrowed the distance with the super group. At present, they are only 1 point behind Taizhou Yuan. This round of the game is just the overtake. Great time.


Competition time: October 4th at 19:35


Venue: Shuangliu Stadium


Previously, Taizhou Yuanda, who had 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, lost to Suzhou Soochow in the Jiangsu Derby last round. Moreover, Yin Tiesheng’s team lineup was neat, with double foreign aids. In contrast, his opponent had only one foreign aid, and Taizhou also had the ball control Not as good as the opponent. In the game, Taizhou Yuan suffered from the suffering of high center forward Ge Wei. The latter flew a header in the second half to assist his teammate to score. This game also exposed Yin Tiesheng's team to many problems, but they did not have time to think about it. The round is here again. They are expected to score 3 points in the face of Inner Mongolia Zhongyou who ranked second in the group.


In Inner Mongolia, with 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses, they showed their tenacious fighting ability. In the match with North Sports University, they fell behind 2 degrees and equalized the score. Huang Zhenfei and Fang Hao each scored a goal. The team currently has 6 platoons. Second to last in Group A, there is still a 4 points gap from Taizhou Yuanda. It can be said that the situation in the entire Chengdu Division is rather chaotic. Except for Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat, which is the only leader, the team behind is not far behind, so Inner Mongolia It is very likely to play a spoiler role in this round of competition.


Competition time: October 3 at 19:35


Competition venue: Wuhua County Stadium


The match between Guizhou and Zhejiang in the last round was the focus of the league. In the end, they lost 1-2 to their opponents, but what made Guizhou fans even more worried was that Yang Ting was accidentally injured in the 26th minute and was diagnosed as "right shin , Comminuted fracture of the middle part of the fibula", almost announced the reimbursement of the season. Moreover, the strength that Guizhou showed in the game was also unsatisfactory, but Gui Hong recovered a goal in the 86th minute. After the first 6 rounds, their 8 points have fallen behind Zhejiang and Meizhou by 4 points. If they meet the leaders in this round, if they want to maintain the pace of surpassing, 3 points are the only choice.

上轮贵州与浙江之间的比赛是联盟关注的焦点。最终,他们输给对手1-2,但令贵州球迷更加担心的是,杨婷在第26分钟意外受伤,被诊断为“右胫,腓骨中部粉碎性骨折” ,几乎宣布了本赛季的报销。此外,贵州在比赛中表现出的实力也不尽人意,但桂宏在第86分钟恢复了进球。在前6轮比赛之后,他们的8分落后于浙江和梅州4分。如果他们在这一轮中与领导人见面,如果他们想保持超越的步伐,那么3分是唯一的选择。

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For the Meizhou Hakka, they drew a 2-2 draw with Shenyang City in Liaoning in the last round. They missed the opportunity to expand their lead in the standings. At present, they and Zhejiang Greentown both have 12 points, and they continue with 3 wins and 3 draws. Remain undefeated, and the game against Guizhou in this round is a great test. In the first round of the two sides, the two teams shook hands 0-0. This time they met again, the Meizhou Hakka at home is expected to score 3 points.


Competition time: 15:30, October 4


Venue: field 9, Hengpi football town


In the last round of the match, Jiangxi Liansheng faced the bottom of Shaanxi Daqin Zhishui, which was a good opportunity to score points, but eventually lost to the opponent 0-1, and ranked first in the group with 4 points in 6 games. However, on the last day before the transfer window closed, the club announced three foreign aids in one go. Turkish striker Okan Aidin, Albanian striker Shkutai and Brazilian striker Edel Lima will join the team. With the formalities and isolation and other time, they may not be able to play in the first stage, because it should be the team's backhand for relegation. In this round, when encountering the powerful Zhejiang Greentown, Liansheng is likely to suffer a losing streak.

在比赛的最后一轮,江西联盛面对陕西大秦之水,这是一个得分的好机会,但最终以0-1输给了对手,并在6场比赛中以4分排在小组第一。但是,在转会窗口关闭前的最后一天,俱乐部一口气宣布了三名外援。土耳其前锋奥肯·艾丁(Okan Aidin),阿尔巴尼亚前锋Shkutai和巴西前锋埃德尔·利马(Edel Lima)将加入队伍。由于手续和隔离以及其他时间,他们可能无法在第一阶段比赛,因为这应该是球队降级的反手。在这一轮中,联盛遇到强大的浙江绿城时,可能会遭受连败。

For Greentown, the last round of Strong Dialogue won Guizhou Hengfeng 2-1, coupled with the Meizhou Hakka draw with Shenyang City, Liaoning, Zheng Xiong’s team currently has 12 points, plus Meizhou and Guizhou have a game this round The battle, facing the bottom of Liansheng, is the best time for Zhejiang Greentown to score points to catch up. From the current point of view, the combination of Dino and Mu Xiekui is powerful and the effect is very good, and the captain Tan Yang, who represented the team in 100 games, also scored a goal and completed the redemption of the own goal in the first round. Currently Zheng Xiong’s The team is already on the right track, aiming for 3 points in this game.


Competition time: October 4th at 19:35


Competition venue: Wuhua Olympic Sports Center


Shaanxi Daqin Zhishui, who was at the bottom of the previous round, finally tasted the taste of victory in the last round. With the goal of U23 teenager Wen Wubin in the opening 6 minutes, Jiangxi Liansheng won 1-0. In the game, Shaanxi played more targeted and fantastic. The opening game strengthened the team's defensive counterattack. After the victory, the pressure on the team has been released to a certain extent, and the morale has also improved a lot. They are expected to get their first winning streak when they encounter the equally weak city of Shenyang in Liaoning.


As for Shenyang City, they played the first Meizhou Hakka team with the All-China Class in the previous two consecutive defeats. However, they unexpectedly drew 2-2 with their opponents. After defeating Guizhou Hengfeng in the third round, they were once again in the “seed team” of the group. "Get points. The city of Shenyang, which insists on defensive and counterattack, has shown very good combat effectiveness. In the last round, two foreign aids, Chu Mu and Tutahujayev, were hidden in the snow. In this round, they are also expected to take advantage of the powerful Shaanxi Daqinzhishui. To the second victory of the season.

至于沉阳市,在前两次连续失利中,他们参加了中华全国第一支梅州客家队。但是,他们出人意料地与对手比分是2-2。在第三轮击败贵州恒丰之后,他们再次成为小组的“种子队”。 “要点。沉阳市坚持防御和反击,显示出非常好的战斗力。在最后一轮中,两名外援楚姆和图塔胡贾耶夫被藏在雪中。在这一轮中,他们也有望利用强大的陕西大秦之水,这是本赛季的第二场胜利。

Competition time: October 3 at 19:00


Competition venue: Jiangyin Sports Center


The situation after the 6th round of the league in Group C was also surprising. Kunshan FC and Nantong Zhiyun Jiangsu teams accounted for the top two deals, and Changchun Yatai, who had outstanding paper strength, came in third, last round. In the Northeast Derby they drew 1-1 with Heilongjiang FC, and the foreign aid Lucas scored the accepted goal after joining, but this draw also made the Changzhou division's competition for the super group place more stalemate. Currently Yatai is 1 point behind Kunshan and Nantong, so this round of facing opponents that had previously defeated the country 2-0, Bayan's team has only one way to win.


In Xinjiang, they lost 1-2 to Nantong Zhiyun in the last round of the national class. Wang Haozhi scored a penalty. At present, they are still ranked first in Group C with 2 draws and 4 losses. No foreign aid played. Xinjiang’s main goal is to train new players, and indeed there are young players who have performed well. However, in China, which relies on foreign aid, they are very disadvantaged no matter which team they face. The possibility is very high.


Competition time: 15:30, October 4


Competition venue: Changzhou Institute of Technology


After losing to Yatai with one more player and leading, Li Yi was under more pressure. In the last round, he faced the leader Kunshan FC. They played a good mental outlook and counted seconds when they were 0-1 behind. In the stage, with Zhang Jiaqi’s goal, a 1-1 draw with Kunshan, before the team’s official website, the fans formed a team to brush Li Yi to dismiss class, but after this draw, the team’s situation is slightly better, currently 4 draws and 2 losses The team ranked second to last in Group C, with the same points as Heilongjiang FC, so this game is also a good opportunity for Sichuan Youmust to get the first win of the season.


In Heilongjiang, they faced the powerful Changchun Yatai in the last round. They played far beyond their usual momentum in the derby. Although they lost to their opponents in the first round, they still drew with Yatai 1-1 this time. Heilongjiang still leads the ball and has the advantage most of the time. It is a pity that he did not get 3 points in the end. The two teams also drew 1-1 in the first round against Sichuan Youbing. Both teams have the same record and points, and both have a chance to win their first victory of the season.


Competition time: October 3 at 16:00


Competition venue: Changzhou Olympic Sports Center


Kunshan FC, with 3 wins and 3 draws in the first 6 rounds, ranked first in the group. However, in the last round, they met the weak Sichuan Youbing. They were finally counted down in a good situation. Kunshan had more than one lead in the game. Chance, but ultimately failed to score an extra goal. In this round, Nantong Zhiyun, an opponent of the same province with the same record, was encountered. This was a huge test. In the first round of the match, the two teams shook hands 0-0. At present, they are tied for the first place in the group with 12 points.


Nantong Zhiyun has already won two consecutive victories after defeating Xinjiang. The current state is good. Another highlight of this game is the duel between the two former international coaches Xie Hui and Gao Yao. The two marshals both scored in the China League. There was a whirlwind, and this was the best opportunity for a showdown.


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